Spheres of application


The main spheres of application of thermoplastic elastomers:

Automotive industry:

  • Seals: mirror fastenings, windscreen, for hood, trunk, fuel system, rear screen, car wiring, head lights;
  • Hermetic sealing: vertical-sliding doors, pillars, non-sliding door windows; 
  • Air ducts;
  • External moldings;
  • Spoilers;
  • Corrugated tubes;
  • Splash guards;
  • Carpets for car cabin and trunk;
  • Dash boards;
  • Bumpers;
  • Door facing;
  • Air bag covers etc.

Civil engineering:

  • Weather strips, PVC doors, wood windows and doors, aluminium sections;
  • Flexible roofing (TPO membranes) etc.

Household goods:

  • Seals for household goods, cooling and different equipment;
  • Damping and shock-absorbing parts;
  • Human engineering handles of kitchen accessories;
  • Control board buttons;
  • Tips for drain hoses of washing machines etc.

Consumer goods:

  • Human engineering handles for hand tools, household articles, sports equipment;   
  • cart wheels etc.

Goods for children:

  • baby tooth rings;
  • toy wheels;
  • soft toys etc.