Styrene block copolymers on base of SEBS

STYRENE BLOCK COPOLYMERS ON BASE OF SEBS (TPE-S) are produced by mixing of styrene block polymers styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene (SEBS) in the specific ratio with thermoplastic (PP).

Basic characteristics of TPE-S materials on base of SEBS are as follows:

  • Wide range of hardness (from 35 till 90 conventional units on scale A and till 60 conditional units on scale D);

  • Low specific gravity of material;

  • Processing methods: extrusion, injection and blow molding, vacuum or pneumatic molding;

  • Operation temperature: from minus 40 to plus 130ºC;

  • Excellent resistance to ozone, UV, mild alkalis and acids, detergents, bacteria and fungi;

  • Low residual deformation and high values of elasticity in the wide range of temperature;

  • Produced in the form of pellets, size 2-5 mm, black and natural (beige) colors;

  • Multiple recycling capability;

  • Coloring possibility with masterbatches on the base of PE/PP;

  • Adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates, such as PP, ABS, PC, PS.

Product mix:

  • Non-filled lot with density of 0,98 g/cm³;

  • Standard lot with density of 1,1 g/cm³;

  • Economy lot with density of 1,22 g/cm³.