Thermoplastic vulkanizate

THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS (TPEs) are polymer materials which under operational conditions like rubber materials are capable to big reversible deformations and under higher temperatures in particular at converting into articles they flow like thermoplastics.
THERMOPLASTIC VULKANIZATES (TPVs) are produced by mixing of polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber under conditions of dynamic vulcanization.
Basic characteristics of TPV are as follows:

  • Wide range of hardness (from 35 till 90 conventional units on scale A and till 60 conditional units on scale D);
  • Low specific gravity of material;
  • Processing methods: extrusion, injection and blow molding, vacuum or pneumatic molding;
  • Operation temperature: from minus 60 to plus 130ºC;
  • Temperature processing modes: from 190 to 240ºC (depending on material grade);
  • Produced in the form of pellets, size 2-5 mm, black and natural (beige) colors;
  • Multiple recycling capability;
  • High elasticity under high and low temperatures;
  • Low value of residual deformation (elongation, bend, compression);
  • Coloring possibility with masterbatches on the base of PE/PP;
  • Chemically resistant material;
  • Excellent resistance to water, solvents and good resistance to hydrocarbons and oils (see Table below).