Termoplastic polyolefin elastomers

THERMOPLASTIC POLYOLEFIN ELASTOMERS (TPO) are produced by mixing of a certain grade of rubber in the specific ratio with thermoplastic (PP).

Basic characteristics of TPOs are as follows:

  • Wide range of hardness ( from 20 to 65 conventional units to Shore D);
  • Processing methods: extrusion, injection and blow molding, vacuum and pneumatic molding;
  • Operation temperature: from munis 20-40 to plus 120ºC;
  • Produced in the form of pellets, size 2-5 mm, black and natural (beige) colors;
  • Multiple recycling capability;
  • Coloring possibility with masterbatches on the base of PE/PP;
  • Excellent resistance to water, aqueous solutions, detergents, antifreeze. Grades with hardness more than 60 Shore D have high resistance to solvents and oils;
  • High resistance to UV effect and light-ozone ageing (for black color materials).